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Why Play Universal Horizons

We are storytellers and strive to offer a vision of other times and places. Good stories have conflict and resolution but also keep the listener on edge, always wanting more. We consider ourselves old-school fantasy gamers. Our characters possess backgrounds, goals, and personalities.  We discuss how Heroes adapt in other systems. The challenge of displaced characters in different situations intrigues us. Expanding that idea into infinite genres is the epiphany of our imaginations.

First, we developed rules that simplified game play. Secondly, we created
classifications of skills determining how skills acclimate to new genres. Lastly, we
developed correlations, mapping those skills to the new genre.

Universal Horizons unveils the work from the last two decades. With our
newly-designed system, the role-playing challenge continues across worlds, genres,
and universes. Modern and future role-playing genres open new areas of expansion. We started with these genres, knowing if we could conquer those worlds, fantasy would soon follow.

Universal Horizons (UH) provides a set of rules to reintroduce the aspect of old-school
fantasy to new genres. The focus remains on story and plot lines, so UH players remember actions and resolutions of the story. Their attention focuses on solutions instead of individual achievements and equipment. An adventure, with all the same aspects, plays out differently with different Heroes, creating a personalized experience for every gamer.

For each adventure, the story unfolds differently. I recall dozens of entertaining ways adventuring parties have experienced an encounter. Personalities, brought to life, unveil new perspectives and opportunities to solve the same problems. This is perhaps my most profound dream: to introduce a role-playing system that provides a unique experience for every player.

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