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Universal Horizons Products

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Universal Horizons Players’ Handbook ($29.95) - Universal Horizons Players Handbook outlines rules necessary for both players and Guides. Characters are Heroes, and their advancement requires heroic play. Players focus on solving problems and advancing stories. Resolving situations with violence is only one of many options. UH provides over twenty skills focusing on combat; however, use of non-combatant skills is commonplace. There are many ways to problems with rules to adjudicate alternative approaches. (112 pp)

Bloodtooth Vocations
($12.95) - Bloodtooth Vocations efficiently provides
background skills with the simple selection of a profession. Once chosen, players
may begin their role-playing journeys. Vocations provide the core world of Bloodtooth
with a breadth of sixty backgrounds. The Bloodtooth setting is an alternate, 1980s
Earth. Ripe with conspiracies and cover-ups, gameplay encourages cinematic experiences. Magic itself is a conspiracy and is only practiced in dark shadows, behind closed doors,
thus spells are included as an appendix. (70 pp)

Araqunidia Cameo: Bug Hunt
($19.95) - The Araqunidia Genre is a world in turmoil. Alien ‘bug’ like creatures invaded a Terran world to make it their home. Only after a scorched-earth campaign with nuclear weapons did they level the battlefield. Now both are fighting for control some 18 solrevs later. Bug Hunt initiates a campaign for Heroes to acclimate and understand the circumstances of the situation and eventually determine the ultimate victor. This is adventure 1 out of 12 of the Discover Dinovia series. (80 pp)

Bloodtooth Paradoxal It’s a Trip & Bloodtooth Adventure Save the Sipella
$19.95) - The “Butterfly Effect” explains how a single event can change a world. Such an event happened in Fall of 1981. The sinking of the Sipella became the catalyst for WWIII. Aboard this ship, a group of refugees attempt to flee an oppressive nation against all odds and have the opportunity to save the world. This time-looping event occurs in Earth’s past. Will Heroes re write history and save a family from assassination? This is a paradoxal adventure set in UH Bloodtooth® using Universal Horizons® game system. UH is a genre-shifting system. The Bloodtooth® genre is a modern game system rife with conspiracies. Bloodtooth contains magic, occult, vampires, lycanthropes, and the technology of the 1980s. (80pp)

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