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Easy to Learn


The basic mechanics of UH revolve around a goal number called the TN, Target number. This is the desired score the player needs to achieve by taking a percentile dice roll and adding their relevant skill to it, as well as any modifiers. Usual TNs are TN50 in a relaxed, noncombat situation, or TN100 in a stressed situation, such as combat. Guides can adjust TNs up or down for circumstances.

Typically there are modifiers for melee combat (cover, prone), missile fire
(cover, prone, being threatened in melee combat), magic (casting a spell in armor,
being threatened in melee combat, taking damage during the casting of the spell),
or for miscellaneous reasons (attacking from side or rear, preparing a set weapon
versus a charging foe, taking a full round to sight a ranged weapon, poor lighting,
blindness, darkness, distraction, attacking while atop a mount.)

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