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About Universal Horizons

AJ Schmidt and John Teske Jr. created Universal Horizons over a decade from three decades of role-playing knowledge and experience. We have always modified campaigns, expanded rules, and created settings for our players. Along with many of our friends, we enjoy a variety of systems and worlds, but also love our other hobby of experiencing media of great stories. Movies and books inspire us to invoke new definitions of heroes; however, each genre has completely different mechanics when it comes to playing RPGs. 

Our friends encouraged us to create a system with one set of mechanics
that could handle many genres. Moreover, they wanted to take the same
character into each new setting. It took us many years to get the correct

We both have children who role-play. UH provides opportunities to our own children’s development. This brings great pride, especially when parents game with their own

Lastly, as a sort of resume, we both have math degrees. One pursued physical sciences, the other biological sciences. The blending of those perspectives creates a diverse knowledge base. Our core group of gaming mentors includes a chemical engineer, a communication doctorate, a masters of writing, a masters in architecture, an ENT surgeon, a PhD in Physics,
a psychiatrist, and many art consultants. We are modest enough to know we cannot do this alone and appreciate the contributions of our friends and families. We would be remiss to ignore the scores of high school, military, college, and post high school professionals that continually contribute to our system. Thank you all for supporting us.

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